Estelle Counselling

My Approach

In our personal lives we have faced many challenging situations, my approach is to validate people in who they were created to be. There is so much potential in each person, so many unique qualities and gifts that need to be appreciated and we need to be awakened to those.

Counselling Services Offered

Marriage Counselling based in Somerset West


I believe that marriage is the most special relationship you can ever enter and that all marriages can work, if both parties are willing to co-operate towards the common good of all involved. My approach would be to see couples first individually and then together and to establish a platform from where to go forward and to bring healing and restoration.

Counselling for the family in Cape Town


The family unit is the basis of society and to be treasured. When the value of this beautiful institution can be established afresh, I believe that all members of the family have a vital role to play and needs to be validated in the responsibility and pleasure of the importance of their part in the family. In our society we have many blended families that can be re-established into a new unit and many single parent families, who face their own challenges. For every problematic, challenging situation there is an answer and a way forward.

Couples Counselling and Individual Counselling in Strand


No relationship can work, unless an individual is at peace with him – or herself.
It doesn’t matter how broken you might feel, there is always hope. We are never going to change the world or others around us, change need to start with ourselves.
Individual counselling covers all aspects of life may it be trauma, abuse, sexual orientation issues, bullying, self-image, negativity and more.

counselling somerset west


Trauma happens in people’s lives in many shapes and forms.
I meet with individuals and families who have experienced trauma and help them find ways to release the effects of trauma by thinking differently about it and refocus their thoughts.

counselling somerset west


Many couples have experienced different upbringings with different role models for relationship and marriage. I meet with couples to discuss differences and expectations before marriage so they can better understand and support each other during marriage. This will help couples improve their ability to communicate, set realistic expectations and develop conflict resolutions skills for their marriage.

counselling somerset west


Death is part of our lives and always difficult to face.
I meet with individuals and families and work through their emotions and fears.
I help them to think clearly and to be able to carry on with decision making and planning processes.